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El Centro #2
I met with Eduardo again on Monday and we did the usual things. He had a significant amount of math homework, so that took the longest. Afterwards, we read a book in Spanish. This was the first time Eduardo and I had read in Spanish, and he seems much more comfortable reading it than he does with the books in English. I don't necessarily mean he was better at reading in Spanish; I think his reading skills are about equal in Spanish and English. But, if he didn't know words he had a much easier time sounding them out and kept moving forward. His pronunciation was pretty good, even when he didn't know the words, which made me jealous. Other than that the program ran normally.

Daily Devotion
Be Of Good Cheer, It Is I
King James Bible Daily Devotion ��" Learning Scripture One Day At A Time Date: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 Chapters: Matthew 14-16 Message Title: Be Of Good Cheer, It Is I Hello My Friend, When you look back on your life you often reflect on the years that you had with and without Jesus. I got saved when I was younger, but didn't think much of it and like many just did my own thing. I had trials, and some I have no idea how I survived, it was not until I understood what my salvation really was and dedicated my life to Christ that I realized He was the one protecting me. You see, God will let us do our own thing, and while it may seem like He is no where to be found, when we least expect it, He reveals Himself, and He shows us that He never left us. “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? For I am persuaded, that neither... (more)

remember this today
Let’s all be encouraged to trust our God in times of difficulty. With God by our side, the winds may blow and the rain may pour, but we will remain standing. If we are weak, He will strengthen us; if we are tired, He will invigorate us; and if we should fall, He will catch us. Just as He always has. With prayers for peace,

dan malas....

Cinta??? Berapa kali aku cakap ...cinta memerlukan pengorbanan, kesabaran, dan ketabahan...adakah aku sanggup untuk semua itu...rasanya seperti tidak...untuk dapatkan sesuatu kita mesti bekorban kepada sesuatu...itu yang selalu org cakap...jika kita inginkan kasih sayang...kita perlu neri kasih sayang...adakah aku semua itu??? Aku mahukan kehidupan yang senang...aku tidak mahu susah...dan aku pemalas dan aku dengan dunia aku...akibatnya jiwa aku akan kesunyian sebabkan aku tidak mahu bekorban...aku benci...apabila apa yang aku hajati tidak menjadi,...apa yang aku plan tidak menjadi...kenapa setiap uang aku jumpa lagi susah daripada aku???entahlah...aku nosan dengan semua ini dan aku merasakan sendiri lebih baik daripada berdua...ini bukan namanya cinta...ini bukannya cinta..ini hanyalah sandaran ....aku perlu aktifkan diriku ini...supaya aku dapat menangani stress kehidupan ku...

two years
It's been two years since you spoke your heart. Really, R2, should I say goodbye?

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